Musculoskeletal Injuries

Musculoskeletal aches and pains, otherwise known as joint or muscle aches and pains, are incredibly common however if not treated correctly can develop into long lasting chronic injuries. Any muscle or joint injury can be debilitating, whether it is tennis elbow, ankle sprains, shoulder rotator cuff injuries, tendinopathies, or any other physical pain you may be experiencing.

Physiotherapy can reduce both your pain and recovery time. With Physiotherapy treatment you will be able to live pain free, continue to be active and socialise without fear of pain.

Physiotherapy treatment for muscle or joint injuries are varied and very much depend on the injury. Acute injuries with excessive inflammation can be treated with ultrasound, taping and Curapuls. Loss of joint or muscle movement can be treated with muscle massage, dry needling, taping, stretches, exercises, or hydrotherapy.

At Warnbro Sound Physiotherapy all the Physiotherapists can provide comprehensive treatment for musculoskeletal injuries, including dry needling and taping. We assess your specific injury or symptoms to not only determine the diagnosis, but also determine the cause of the injury. Not only will your treatment target your pain and allow you to make a full recovery, but it also includes education and the prescription of methods to ensure your symptoms do not return.

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