Neck and Back Pain

You may have injured your neck or back by an impact injury such as falling or being in a motor vehicle accident, or your pain may have come on gradually with no obvious cause. Neck and back injuries can cause recurrent headaches, loss of sleep, and make it difficult to perform simple tasks like shopping, driving, or sitting at a desk.

4 million Australians will experience neck or back pain this year and an estimated 70-90% will have back pain at some point in their lives. This makes neck and back pain one of the most common injuries that Physiotherapists will treat.

The good news is neck and back pain is readily treatable and you do not have to live with this pain. Physiotherapy allows people to resume exercise, work pain-free, and participate in daily tasks without the stress and anxiety of aggravating their back or neck.

A variety of treatment techniques exist to target the cause of your pain. These include muscle massage, joint mobilisations, taping, dry needling, taping, exercise programs, posture correction and control.

At Warnbro Sound Physiotherapy we do a detailed initial assessment to determine the exact cause of your pain. The assessment will determine not only where the pain is and how to stop it, but what initially caused it, why it is not resolving, and most importantly how to stop it from happening again.

Everyone leads different lifestyles and respond to treatment differently, therefore all our Physiotherapists can offer a variety of treatment techniques and will utilise the one that suits you best.

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