Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Injuries

Injuring yourself at work and getting the medical attention you require can be a daunting process which is difficult to navigate. Often workplace injuries require rehabilitation to get you back to your usual work duties, whether you are a labourer, nurse, or accountant.

It can be the same if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. These accidents can leave you with physical injuries that need Physiotherapy treatment. You will often get referred by your doctor for Physiotherapy to help you recover.

Physiotherapy treatment for Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accidents are necessary to get you back to work and recover as safely and effectively as possible. At Warnbro Sound Physiotherapy we communicate directly with your workplace insurer or the Insurance Commission of WA to ensure you receive the most appropriate rehabilitation. We utilise techniques to assist with your rehabilitation including acute symptom management, taping, hydrotherapy, dry needling and appropriate exercise programs. We will facilitate a graduated return to work plan to ensure you can fully return to work safely with no risk of re-injury.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident or have a workplace injury and you need Physiotherapy talk to your doctor to get a referral. Then contact us by calling (08)9593 6672 or booking online and we can organise the rest.

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