Balance Class

Having poor or unsteady balance can have drastic consequences. It increases your risk of falling and can affect your confidence causing you to stop doing the things you enjoy. As a result, it creased increased inactivity and, therefore, increased pain.

Physiotherapy plays a large role in preventing falls and improving poor balance. Even if you have not fallen but feel overly cautious or not confident when on your feet, Physiotherapy can help. Evidence has shown appropriate exercises can improve your balance and prevent any consequences that occur from inactivity, such as Osteoarthritis, falling, joint and muscle pain.

Warnbro Sound Physiotherapy runs several balance exercises classes a week, providing supervised appropriate and beneficial exercises. Exercises are designed to be suitable for your ability and pain. These are small call numbers and can be covered by private health insurance. An assessment in done before you join the class to determine your suitability for the classes and the level of exercises that would be best for you.

Call Warnbro Sound Physiotherapy on (08) 9593 6672 or book online for an assessment consultation and current class timetables.

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