Hydrotherapy (doing exercises in a heated pool) is a fantastic rehabilitation option to help people regain movement, strength and reduce their pain. Evidence has shown it to help with the recovery of both acute and chronic conditions, as well as after surgery such as total hip or knee replacements. Hydrotherapy is great for anyone who wants to speed up their recovery from injury or reduce the progression of chronic conditions.

Hydrotherapy utilises the buoyancy and density of water to assist with exercising the body. The buoyancy reduced the load on joints which helps improve your range of movement. The water density provides resistance at assist in muscle strengthening and general fitness. You can do hydrotherapy before or after surgery or when beginning your exercise rehabilitation program.

At Warnbro Sound Physiotherapy we design a hydrotherapy exercise program specific for your symptoms and your personal goals. An assessment is done at the clinic first to help design the best program for you. We have several hydrotherapy classes weekly and they are located at Secret Harbour StateSwim.

Call us on (08) 9593 6672 or book online for an assessment and we can determine if hydrotherapy is appropriate for you and design your tailored program.

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