Sports Injuries

Experiencing an injury when playing sport is common and can force you to take time off to recover. Physiotherapy can help you recover quicker and get you back to playing the sport you love. Whether you participate in high level competition, are a social weekend player or just a relaxed casual participant, Physiotherapy can help you recover quicker.

Treatment for our injury will depend on the severity however will always involve initial acute symptom management followed by retraining of movement and strength of the affected areas. Your treatment is tailored to your goals, the sport you wish to return to, and the severity of your injury.

At Warnbro Sound Physiotherapy we will ensure you make a full recovery from your injury as quickly as possible. We will monitor your return to sport to avoid any re-injury. Finally, we will work with you the make any modifications necessary, so you achieve a full recovery and do not experience the same injury in the future.

If you have a new or recurring sporting injury preventing you from participating in activities you enjoy, book online or phone (08) 9593 6672 to make an appointment.

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