Osteoarthritis and the GLA:D Program

Osteoarthritis is an extremely common condition affecting about 10% of Australians (2.5 million). Chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis can make it difficult for you to continue to do the activities you love, whether it be sports, socialising, walking, or shopping. This often results in inactivity due to the pain, which can result in further health complications or chronic conditions.

This can be avoided, however, as there has been lots of research to prove that Physiotherapy is the best thing you can do for osteoarthritis. Correct exercises and treatment techniques can have a huge impact in reducing pain and improving your living standards, even if you have been diagnosed with ‘bone on bone’. Even if you have been advised to have surgery on the affected joint, beginning Physiotherapy before the surgery will reduce your recovery time and your reliance on pain medication

At Warnbro Sound Physiotherapy we appreciate the importance of all our clients having an individually tailored rehabilitation program to achieve the best results. We look at your specific goals and lifestyle and focus on getting you to being able to return/continue doing the activities you enjoy.

From 2020 Warnbro Sound Physiotherapy became a fully trained and registered provider of the GLA:D program. This is a 6-week course of education and exercise which research has shown to dramatically reduce pain and improve function of arthritic joints.

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